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2017 Cascadia Calibration To Ensure Safety Requirements Are Met

As exciting as the release of the new year’s line of Freightliner Cascadias equipped with Cummins ISX12 and ISX15 engines was, the company has recalled a select number from the initial release. As part of their dedication to rigorous quality standards, Cummins acted quickly when it was discovered that some of the new engine control modules had a potential short. This short would cause the engine to stall unexpectedly during operation. While not as scary as a brake malfunction in a pivotal

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The Freightliner Coronado’s Superior Haul

Built with a classic look and packed with plenty of power, the Freightliner Coronado has been a long-standing warrior of the road. But a semi truck known for its power doesn’t mean you’re boxed in when looking at it. The Coronado actually comes with a variety of engine options, from the efficient Detroit Diesel DD14 to the beefy DD16 and Cummins ISX15. Right off the bat this allows you to choose for your typical use case. If you generally haul more medium-sized loads for long distance

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