“Thumper” McCrimmon Takes Freightliner Sun Smart Hauler Challenge

Tom “Thumper” McCrimmon, a professional truck driver, recently won the championship for Freightliner Trucks Run Smart Hauler Challenge. It’s a mouthful of a name, but McCrimmon brought home the trophy October 7th at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Each competitor in this race had to maneuver through obstacles to demonstrate their prowess as truck drivers. Freightliner trucks motorsports marketing manager Stacey Premo says “Driving a truck in normal road conditions requires focus and skill.

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2017 Cascadia Calibration To Ensure Safety Requirements Are Met

As exciting as the release of the new year’s line of Freightliner Cascadias equipped with Cummins ISX12 and ISX15 engines was, the company has recalled a select number from the initial release. As part of their dedication to rigorous quality standards, Cummins acted quickly when it was discovered that some of the new engine control modules had a potential short. This short would cause the engine to stall unexpectedly during operation. While not as scary as a brake malfunction in a pivotal

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Freightliner Delivers Commemorative 122SD To Celebrate Werner Enterprises 60th Anniversary

In what has been a partnership of over 50 years, Werner Enterprises recently commissioned a special Freightliner 122SD to commemorate such longstanding success. Freightliner built a 2017 122SD, complete with 505HP DD15 engine. The commemorative semi truck also features engraved chrome stacks and anniversary decaling. “We are proud of our long partnership with Werner, and were excited to collaborate with them to build this special truck,” said Steve Mignardi, director of National Accounts for

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Solar Powered Reefer Trailers Keep Costs Lower Than Ever

Recent news of semi truck innovation has largely centered in hybrid models that doubled fuel economy or used natural gas for cleaner operation. Those are amazing stories of the industry pushing forward, but there’s another important component in national transport: the semi trailer itself. Power and engine technology are indeed the muscle behind the motion, but the manufacturers behind refrigerated trailers have unveiled something recently as well – namely using solar power to maintain the

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