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The Most Innovative Semi Trucks for Sale

This is an exciting time to be in the semi trucking industry. With new transmission technology, automated safety features, and more efficient configurations than ever before, buying a Freightliner is always a step forward for your fleet. Detroit Diesel is adding the new DD5 to the lineup this year, featuring longer maintenance cycles and improved fuel economy. Engine advancements have allowed this four cylinder to hold its own with comparable six cylinder models while retaining the fuel

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The Benefits of Large Semi Trucks Like the Coronado

Sometimes you need the best in power and space to get the job done. Large semi trucks like the Freightliner Coronado, and especially the Freightliner Evolution, come with a variety of cab configurations for the right setup for every operator. It’s easy to generalize the benefits, but here are a few specific advantages of driving a large semi truck.
Expanded Lighting and Power Options
Semi truck cab lighting may not be as important for local deliveries or work around a job site during theRead more…

Getting Detroit Diesel Engines Ready for the Challenges of Winter

When it comes to truck engines, most trucking companies and drivers choose diesel over gasoline. Detroit Diesel engine, in particular, is one of the most recognizable engine brands for heavy duty trucks, having been in the industry for over 80 years now. The brand’s engines have been tried and tested over the decades to offer good mileage, fuel economy, and easy maintenance.

That being said, even these engines need extra care and service when the winter season sets in. Heavy truck owners and drivers in North Carolina should be mindful of some useful maintenance tips to make sure their vehicles work optimally even in the coldest conditions.

Keep Heavy Duty Trucks in Top Shape with Diesel Engine Maintenance

In today’s freighting business, sturdy heavy duty trucks are staple equipment. Such trucks are designed to haul massive freight to service the world’s industries. To provide these mighty vehicles with the necessary horsepower, they are fitted with a pioneering piece of machinery — the ever-reliable diesel engine.

Introduced by the German inventor Rudolf Diesel in 1878 two years after the gasoline engine’s debut, diesel engines are built differently from their gas counterparts. This makes diesel engine upkeep a more specific endeavor, and a very important one at that. An article on notes.

For Drivers and Trucking Businessmen: Maintenance Tips for Semi Trucks

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. The words of the profound Founding Father may ring the loudest in health care, but they also strike a chord with everything mechanical — more specifically, motor vehicles.

Some of the world’s hardest working motor vehicles are in the freight industry. When it comes to moving tons of freight, one class of vehicles stand out above the rest: trusty semi trucks. These freighting classics face monumental tasks daily, thanks to the demands of their industry, making them prone to the inevitable wear-and-tear that is more potent than what their smaller motoring counterparts develop. As an article on the freighting blog notes.

Classic Freightliner Coronado: Comfort and Safety for the Long Haul

The trucking industry is currently on its toes, with a slew of new regulatory initiatives currently up for decision on the Senate floor. The industry has consistently been one of the most heavily regulated, for obvious reasons.

Surprisingly, however, most Americans do not perceive truck drivers with fear, as is commonly believed. As reported by CCJ Fleet Management Magazine writer Kevin Jones, a survey conducted in September by Public Opinion Strategies for the American Trucking Associations shows that 80% of Americans see truck drivers as being safer than passenger vehicle drivers, and as less likely to be the cause of an accident.