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Freightliner Begins Production of a New Cascadia


Details on the New DD5 Engine at Freightliner

News began cropping up late last year about the new DD5 engine from Detroit Diesel. As the first of several new diesel engine designs to come (DD8 coming in 2018), the DD5 sets itself squarely as a contender in the medium duty niche. The DD5 offers the flexibility you’d expect from the versatile medium duty lineup, with two power options: 210HP/575ft-lb torque and a 230HP/660ft-lb torque. Another big enhancement this engine brings to the road is a lengthy 45,000 mile maintenance interval.

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2017 Cascadia Calibration To Ensure Safety Requirements Are Met

As exciting as the release of the new year’s line of Freightliner Cascadias equipped with Cummins ISX12 and ISX15 engines was, the company has recalled a select number from the initial release. As part of their dedication to rigorous quality standards, Cummins acted quickly when it was discovered that some of the new engine control modules had a potential short. This short would cause the engine to stall unexpectedly during operation. While not as scary as a brake malfunction in a pivotal

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Freightliner Delivers Commemorative 122SD To Celebrate Werner Enterprises 60th Anniversary

In what has been a partnership of over 50 years, Werner Enterprises recently commissioned a special Freightliner 122SD to commemorate such longstanding success. Freightliner built a 2017 122SD, complete with 505HP DD15 engine. The commemorative semi truck also features engraved chrome stacks and anniversary decaling. “We are proud of our long partnership with Werner, and were excited to collaborate with them to build this special truck,” said Steve Mignardi, director of National Accounts for

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